You will receive the contest link and the Big Challenge code/school code by e-mail approx. one week before the start of the competition period. The contest link is not the link to our website nor the link to our DEMO-online Version. The coordinating teacher receives the contest link and has to forward it to their students and colleagues. 

Important matters to prepare befor the contest:

  • A room and a supervisor
  • One computer, tablet (at least 9 inches) or smartphone with an Internet connection and a headset or headphones per student, so that students do not disturb each other when listening to comprehension questions.

    TIPP: If you do not have enough headphones, you can either ask the students to bring their own or you can download the audio files in your account and play them individually for everyone during the competition.

  • If you are planning several rounds because there are not enough terminals available, we recommend to let all pupils from one year participate together or directly one after the other, if possible, to reduce the number of arrangements as much as possible.

  • Please have the following 3 things ready for your students:
    • contest link (ATTENTION: it is a separate link sent to you by e-mail, NOT our general website)
    • Big Challenge code/school code (4 numbers + 1 letter)
    • tutorial on the technical structure of the competition, which can be played to all pupils before the competition is held

  • To test access to the online test and the hardware, we also recommend that you do a trial run with the participants - use our demo version of the online version.
    For more information about the actions to be taken before the day of the competition, please refer to the corresponding To Do list