THE BIG CHALLENGE is intended for students in secondary schools between the ages of 10 and 17 who are learning English. The participation fee per student is 5.00 €. Please follow this link for more information on how this amount is used.

The competition is NOT only meant for high-performing students. Our goal at The Big Challenge is to motivate all of your students to learn English. Registering only your best students to show off their talents misses the point. Registering everyone, whatever their level, might just create the momentum that will push some of them to make that extra effort and discover that English isn’t that difficult, that they too can improve and succeed. 

Your students can even practice all year with educational games on our free interactive learning platform, English Every Day, that lets all students learn at their own pace.

Students with special needs are invited to take part as well. We are more than happy to work with education specialists to adapt the contest to the special needs of students. In fact, The Big Challenge is often an opportunity for these students to show new facets of their talents. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Unfortunately native and English speaking students can't take part in the contest since the goal of the contest is to motivate students to learn a language that isn't their own. Many students work hard and spend hours practising in order to improve their chances of winning. For more information click here.

Mail: / phone: +32 2 588 23 78 - +31 85 888 3364