Creating classes is completely optional and has the advantage that you will receive a precise breakdown per question in the evaluation of how many percent of the class have answered a question correctly.

Step-by-step instructions for creating classes:

  1. Please log into your user account. (You will find help here if you no longer have access).

    TIPP: Creating classes is only possible as a coordinating teacher.

  2. You will find your registration right in the middle. In the small box to the right of it, there are several blue underlined options that you can select. Please go to "Edit your list of participating classes".

  3. Afterwards a separate page will open where you can add your classes one by one by clicking on the "Add" button. Please note that the level must be set separately for each class. This is very IMPORTANT, otherwise the wrong test will appear for the students.

  4. When you have created all classes, go to "Save" and the Drop-Down-Menu for your students is set and ready!