The best way to register is to use our online form. All you need is the number of participants per year and your e-mail address. You will receive a confirmation per e-mail right away.
There can only be ONE coordinating teacher and ONE registration at a time, so please make sure that there is not another teacher at your school who has already registered some students for the competition.


Step-by-step instructions for the online form:

  1. Call up the following link in your browser (website will be available in September).

  2. First, your school must be selected.

  3. During the next step you can either run the number of participants directly under your name or you can enter the individual teachers who would like to participate with their students. Which option you choose is entirely up to you. It can only be helpful sometimes to enter and break down the individual teachers for later enquiries or late registrations. Then you are always sure who is registered with how many students.

    TIPP: We do not need the names of the students at any time before the competition. There is no possibility to enter their names into our system beforehand. On the day of the competition, students will enter their personal details into the registration form of the online competition.

  4. Please select the coordinating teacher at the bottom of the page. If you have only entered yourself, you will be selected automatically. Please make sure that you entered an e-mail address!

    TIPP: If you are only organising the competition without any of your students taking part, you can also simply enter your name in an empty field without adding a number of students. You will then appear in the selection of the  coordinating teacher.

  5. On the right hand side you will find a small overview where you can check all the data you have entered once again before you register for payment. If you would like to edit any information, it is still possible now. Otherwise you can confirm our general terms and conditions and go to "Register now".

  6. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail with a MagicLink to your personal account. It was generated automatically to edit your participation.

    TIPP: Using this link you will find further information on how to add students to your participation.