• The competition can be held at any time within the three weeks of the competition in a suitable (computer) room. There can be as many rounds per week as needed.
  • The test happens online on a computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

  • A member of the teaching staff will supervise the competition and ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • Before starting, you are welcome to play this video tutorial to show the students where to enter their personal details and how the competition looks like (available soon).

  • Students are given a 45-minute session to complete the contest. This session may be scheduled at any time during the day to accommodate teachers’ and school schedules, preferably in the morning. To facilitate organisation, and to adapt to schools’ capacities in terms of computer equipment, several sessions may be scheduled the day of the contest: one session for each level for example. In exceptional cases where the date may prove impossible for the school or for certain classes, a special dispensation may be granted to hold the contest at an earlier date.
  • Participants log into the competition website using the Big Challenge code that was sent to the coordinating teacher by e-mail before the competition. The students enter their name and choose the right level. All they have to do is follow the instructions on the screen and select the answers online (completely secure), so that the result can be sent to us automatically.

A detailed to-do list for preparation can also be found here (available soon). Please make sure that your students respect the following rules:

  • During the competition the students are answering the questions completely on their own.
  • The test may only be taken once per student.
  • Neither aids (book, dictionary, internet, ...) nor help from another person are allowed.
  • Any violation of these rules will lead to disqualification of the participants.

Follow this link to find help if your students are experiencing technical difficulties.