A teacher has prepared a detailed manual for her students, which she kindly provided us with. We have added a few more notes.


Instructions for the Big Challenge competition online:

  1. Please enter the contest link into your browser.

    --> Please use at least the version Chrome 35, Firefox 35, Safari 11, Internet Explorer 11 or the following version. Older Browsers may experience display problems.
    --> This is NOT the link of the demo version nor our general website. There is a special link which has been sent to the coordinating teacher at the school and must be passed on to the students.

    Select the button "I am running the competition at home" and click on "Next".

  2. Affidavit: read it carefully and then check the box below in front of "I declare on my honour to conduct the competition under fair conditions" and click on "Next".

  3. Step 1: The page "Welcome to the 2021 Big Challenge Competition!" appears. - Please click on "Next".

  4. Step 2: A registration form will appear, which you have to fill in:

    City of school (NOT the place of residence):
    Big Challenge Code (4 numbers + 1 letter):
    I am: Student (is already selected)

    After filling out this registration form click "Next".

  5. Step 3: Enter your personal data:

    Gender: Click on "Mr." or "Mrs.
    First name: e.g. Peter
    Last name: e.g. Müller
    Date of birth: e.g. 07/10/2008 (birthday on 7 October 2008 - spelling is very important, separated by slashes!)
    Level: Select school level
    Class: enter or select e.g. 7c

    After filling in all the details, click on "Next".

  6. Check the personal information (first name and surname). If this is correct, click on "YES".

  7. Instructions explaining the test procedure. => Read them carefully and click on "o.k.". When you have read all 9 explanations, click on "Next".

  8. When you have understood everything and want to start the test, click on "Start test".  => Start the test and the 45 minutes

General information about the test:

  • The test can be taken on a PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
  • The test takes 45 minutes.
  • The test must be taken individually.
  • The test may only be taken once.
  • Dictionaries or help from other media(e.g. Internet search engines) are not permitted.

To practice before the test: