Using this link you can create a user account - just select "Teacher" and then "Sign Up". There you can enter your name, an e-mail address and a password. During the next step you will be asked for the name and location of your school. As soon as all your personal data is stored into the account, you will be able to create classes for your students on English Every Day and track how much time the kids have spent there.

TIP: The next time you log in, always select "Log In" using the link above. You need the button "Sign Up" only once to create a user account.

If you have already had a user account and you can't remember your login data, then either use the "Forgot your password" function or contact us and we can send you the MagicLink:

E-mail: / Phone: +31 85 888 3364 or +32 2 588 23 78