We have set up this function so that you can report anomalies directly to us.

You have the following options: 

  • "English speaking student": to click on, if this student is a native speaker. 

  • "Student score is too low": to click on, if you think that the student is usually better and that there was probably a technical problem. It is best to speak directly to the student to see if everything went well and ask them to take the test again. By selecting "Student score is too low" we will then automatically count the second attempt.

  • "Student score is too high": (especially relevant for the HOME CONTEST): to click on, if you think that the student does not normally perform best in English (e.g. Reading/Listening Score at 100%, although grades are not that good). Selecting a student will erase the result and disqualify the student as it must be assumed that the student has cheated or been helped by others. The test cannot be repeated.

  • "Student had a technical problem": to click on, if there was a technical problem and the test has to be done again. Selecting this option will automatically count the second attempt.

  • "Student is not registered": to click on, if the student is not registered for the competition and has not paid the entry fee. By clicking this answer option the result will be deleted - if the student wishes to receive a prize, you can register them in your user account and pay the 4,00€.  

  • "There is a level problem": to click on, if the student has chosen the wrong level. In this case, the student has to be asked to take the test at the right level agein. By selecting this answer option, we will automatically score the second attempt.

If you made a mistake and there was no anomaly, you can undo the entry in your account under 'Contest' in the menu on the left side of the Anomalies reported page.